Online molarity calculator and inter conversion of molarity, mass and volume

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This is an online molarity calculator that I have developed to calculate molarity, mass, and volume. The formula used in this online molarity calculator uses simple molarity formula but with little modifications in unit conversion. Molarity is a way of expressing the concentration of a solution. Its unit is defined as moles of solute per liter of solution.

Making molar solutions or millimolar solutions is an easy process if u remember the molarity formula. However, it can be a little bit confusing during the calculation and unit conversion. So here comes the use of this online calculator. That’s because it gives you instant results as soon as you finish entering the required information.

This is a triangle calculator, using a drop-down menu, you can select which variables to calculate. You just need to enter the required information to get the result of the desired component. If you want to calculate the molarity then select the molarity option from the drop-down. If you want to calculate the mass of the compound using molarity and volume then you need to select the mass from the drop-down.

While selecting an option from the drop-down, you will need to enter the missing information to get the value you want. For molarity, enter the required volume, molecular weight (formula weight), and the given weight of the desired compound. For mass, enter the molarity, molecular weight, and volume of the solution. In the same way, to determine the volume, enter the mass o the compound, molarity, and molecular weight.

The calculator is so simple in the sense that as soon as you enter the required information, it will automatically show up the result. I have further simplified the calculator so that you no longer need to interchange the units. All you need is to enter any three of these values; molecular weight, volume, molarity, and mass.

In biochemistry laboratories, we often need solutions in mM and in mL. That’s why I have already included the unit conversion inside the calculator. Preparing solutions is necessary for chemistry/biochemistry laboratories. We often need to prepare different types of buffers, solutions, and reagents and most of them deal with concentrations in millimolar and volumes in mL. I really hope it will help you calculate what you want to calculate in making the molar solutions.

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